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HCSD Wins Overall Champion in Hong Kong International Elite Dance Competition 2019

Organized by the Alan and Becky Dance Group of Hong Kong, the International Elite Dance Competition for Children and Junior 2019 aims to strengthen network among dance groups from different countries. It strives to exchange and enhance dance knowledge, skills, ideas and showcase the unique dances of each country to promote cultural understanding.

The whole event was composed of dance workshops, a competition, a major performance, a dance gala and exchange activities which will turn out to be valuable, unique and unforgettable experiences for both dancers and teachers.

Artistic Director: Shirley Halili-Cruz

Associate Artistic Director: Anna Kathrina Halili-Cruz Bueno

Dancers: Lianne Amurao

Chloe Bondoc

Yna Furagganan

Lea Hilario

Gia Jarin

Sam Laxamana

Erin Manahan

Queenie Pelipel

Charisse Sibal

Akia Tumulak

Alexa Vicencio

Gab Vitug

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