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Halili-Cruz Conservatory

We live in an era when expertise is growing, when technology promises astonishing possibilities, when different dance genres come together and when expectations and demands of more advanced dance techniques are intensifying. 

The Halili-Cruz Conservatory is Halili-Cruz School of Dance’s new community where its dance education will undergo a striking revolution. It offers different dance disciplines – jazz, hip hop, lyrical, tap,

contemporary and pilates.

It is where HCSD dancers dance, move, act, imagine and realize. It is the school’s way of affirming its core values in ways that fulfill its extraordinary enduring promise to its students and to the world. 

Aside from offering open classes, HCC uses the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance (CSTD) syllabi for its Modern Jazz and Tap classes. While  Hip Hop uses the United Dance Organization (UDO) syllabus.  All HCC students undergo yearly international assessment programs from the CSTD and UDO.

The conservatory would surely open more opportunities to HCSD family’s development—opportunities for its  teachers, its students and its global connections. The courses offered will surely open doors to remarkable new possibilities for teaching and learning.

Take more chances! Dance more dances – at the HC Conservatory!