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HCSD Dominating the All Dance World International Competitions 2019

The Philippines took center stage and triumphed over 29 countries in the recently concluded 2019 All Dance World Championships in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Halili-Cruz School of Dance represented the Philippines and the whole of Asia and took home several awards for their ballet new creation, ballet repertoire, jazz, tap, hip hop, musical theater, lyrical, show and contemporary pieces.

For the Junior Division, comprising of 13 dancers from 4 to 11 years old, they received 6 First Places, 3 Second Places and 3 Third Places.

For the Youth Division, comprising of 8 dancers from 12 to 17 years old, they received 2 First Places, 1 Second Place and 2 Third Places.

For the Adult/Professional Division, comprising of 1 dancer from 18 years old and above, they received 1 First Place, 2 Second Places and 1 Third Place.

Emerging as grand champions, the Junior delegates were given the prestigious Gran Corybant Award, the highest award of dance in the world for obtaining the highest average on all their group choreographies.

Halili-Cruz School of Dance also received the Best Male Dancer for the Junior Division (Symone Drapete), the Best Female Dancer for the Professional Division (Aira Rostrata) and the 3rd Best Director Award for Associate Directors, Anna Kathrina Halili-Cruz Bueno and Grace Garalde-Perez.

Now on its 11th year, All Dance World Championship is organized by All Dance International, the biggest dance organization in the world consisting of 5 continents and more than 100 countries.

Associate Artistic Directors:

Anna Kathrina Halili-Cruz

Grace Perez

Junior Competitors:

Pristine Agravio

Aliah Alamgir

Carmel Bondoc

Princess Caballero

Marielle Calpito

Kelly dela Cruz

Gwyneth de Mesa

Andi Dimaandal

Symone Drapete

Jea Francisco

Zoe Gabriel

Z Posadas

Venice Servañez

Youth Competitors:

Pia Allones

Chloe Bondoc

Lira Cajucom

Gia Jarin

Sam Laxamana

Sam Ortega

Thea San Diego

Alexa Vicencio

Adult Competitors:

Aira Rostrata

Summary of Awards:

Junior Division

1st Place

Ballet New Creation Solo Gwyneth de Mesa

Lyrical Solo Gwyneth de Mesa

Tap Duo Zoe Gabriel and Symone Drapete

Ballet Small Group Zinnias

Musical Theater Small Group It’s A Hard Knocked Life

Hip Hop Small Group Ghostbusters

2nd Place

Musical Theater Solo Pristine Agravio

Tap Solo Marielle Calpito

Jazz Small Group Faith

3rd Place

Hip Hop Solo Symone Drapete

Modern Jazz Duo Princess Caballero and Marielle Calpito

Hip Hop Trio Princess Caballero, Marielle Calpito and Gwyneth de Mesa

Youth Division

1st Place

Ballet New Creation Solo Sam Laxamana

Neo Classical Small Group Vida

2nd Place

New Creation Ballet Solo Lira Cajucom

3rd Place

New Creation Ballet Solo Gia Jarin

Tap Trio Pia Allones, Chloe Bondoc and Thea San Diego

Adult/Professional Division

1st Place

Ballet New Creation Solo Aira Rostrata

2nd Place

Lyrical Solo Aira Rostrata

Contemporary Solo Aira Rostrata

3rd Place

Repertoire Solo Aira Rostrata

Special Awards:

Junior Best Male Dancer Symone Drapete

Adult/Professional Best Female Dancer Aira Rostrata

3rd Best Director Award Anna Kathrina Halili-Cruz Bueno and Grace Garalde Perez


The highest award in the competition given to the group with the highest average in all the group choreographies.

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