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HC Conservatory joins Asia Camp 2019

Asia Camp is a camp professionally designed for choreography lovers in Asia. The workshop is designed to train dancers in the most comprehensive way. In the camp, dancers are able to meet and share experiences with 14 top international choreographers and most qualified dance educators throughout.

Each choreographer in Asia Camp possesses their own specific dance style which distinguishes them from each other.

Participants of the camp were from China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, USA, Spain, Germany, Israel and Russia. Also known as an “Asia Meeting,” dancers are given the opportunity to share their enthusiasm in dance with other passionate talents from across the world in one place.

Associate Artistic Director: Grace Perez

Teacher: Marco de Ausen


Ingga del Rosario

Mariah Dy

Kaniel Magsino

Summer Magsino

Toni Noel

Sophia Ortega

Lilka Sanciangco

Bianca Sy

Julia Torres

Danika Villarin

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